Creative expression of yourself

Connecting with creativity is one of the most beautiful ways to connect with your own being, the creative energy is ours by nature, it is always in us, however, many times we feel blocked and unmotivated. Why does this happen? The main reason is the blockage of our second chakra (Shadhisthana or Sacral Chakra) that refers to sexual energy, it is related to your meaning and relationship with life, your relationship with money, creativity, creation of dreams, projects and pleasure in what we do in life.
It connects energetically with kidneys, hips and intestines and sexual organs.
Orange Color, Water Element, Word: I Want.
We can activate the second chakra and your creativity with a very fun activity that is available to everyone, you are an artist by nature and I will explain what it consists of:
Paint our face and body with full attention: this connects us with the deepest emotions, since, through the sensation of feeling, touching and paying attention to our own textures, it allows us to remember how perfect we are and how divine we are. it is within us, in addition to feeling joy in expressing our emotions through the energy of colors.
We can ask mother earth through meditation to show us the connection with our animal, take the energy and characteristics of that animal, show us something of ourselves, we embody that animal in our body and then you can perform a liberating dance making movements healers and liberators in connection with your indigenous ancestors who still practice this beautiful activity of painting and honoring their bodies in their ceremonies and rituals.
In the market you can find moisturizing and hypoallergenic oil paints that you can easily remove with olive or baby oil.
At Inside Your Light we have the wonderful Creative Expression of the Body / Connection with your Being Workshop, we are located in Houston, Texas.
I send you a big hug,
with love
Katherine simonette

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Hi, I'm Katherine! This is my clear life mission and it is what I want to remind you of here at Inside Your Light. I want to accompany you and be your guide in those processes in which you need to look at and discover the light that you carry within you.