Plants, herbs, and flowers!

Plants, herbs, and flowers can positively impact our emotional vibration, due to their connection with our ancestral DNA.

Many plants have an ancestral relationship with humanity, for millennia they have been used for their aromatic powers, to raise the power of the mind, to balance emotions and to cure/heal multiple ills, internal or external to our body, we can through them, stimulate creativity, the manifestation of intentions and learn more about our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

With human development, we see that, in political, religious ceremonies (of all kinds), in family gatherings inside or outside homes, flowers are placed, accompanied by other branches, with pleasant aromas, to set the scene, to create stability, emotional, feelings of joy, good cheer, and sweetness, receive special visits, as well as to help get rid of bad energy and bad eyes (envy).

Here are some herbs and flowers with healing properties that can be used in rituals, baths, energy release, incense, cleaning spaces and energy.


White basil: {Ocimum basilicum} It is used for purification baths or boiled. It is also used to remove evil eyes and ward off negative influences.

Peppermint {Menta piperita L} It has numerous proven benefits, discovered from ages past, since the Egyptians used mint in the tombs of their pharaohs. It is said that it incites love, it is a stimulating herb that accelerates magical processes. It is used together with basil, cinnamon and nutmeg in baths and rituals of prosperity and good luck.

Parsley: Parsley is associated with good luck, communication with other planes, protection, purification, reincarnation, health, strength, vitality, divination, passion, meditation, rituals to attract money and customers in a store.

Majorana {Majorana hortensis, Origanum marjorana} It has proven antibacterial and antioxidant aromatic and medicinal properties, astringent substances. When the marjoram grows in abundance it is an omen of prosperity. Also, used in cooking. Versatile and beautiful to look at.

Pacific Sea {Hibiscus rosa-sinensis} It has multiple virtues for the culinary, cosmetic, and esoteric sectors. It is used cut into branches for bathing and cleaning. Its flowers collect bad energies and purify the environment. Additionally, an exquisite and healthy tea is prepared.

Chamomile {Chamomile} It is estimated that the use of this famous herb dates to ancient Egypt where it was used to cure fevers. It is said that burning the leaves and flowers of dried chamomiles, or lighting chamomile incense, and then cleaning each of the rooms of the house with the smoke, helps to attract fortune, and to protect the people in the home against bad energies and negative vibes. The chamomile bath is essential for cleaning and protection, in addition to energizing the person, the power of herbal baths acts on the aura, maintains energy balance, and attracts positive situations. Its properties are known as anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, analgesic, healing and soothing.

Ruta {Ruta Graveolens} It is the esoteric plant par excellence. It is known as the herb of a thousand uses. It protects in a general way, acting as psychic prevention, since it creates a protective field, attenuates negativity, distances and at the same time absorbs with great ease the energy currents that can disturb the harmony in the body. home. Rue should not be planted under a depressive state or some physical ailment.

FLOWERS FOR REVITALIZING BATHROOMS: Petals of roses, jasmine, sunflower, lavender, orange blossom, chamomile, and lilies. You can also ask your intuition which flower you want to use.

PLANTS FOR OFFAL. Basil, Sage, Mint, Pacific Sea.

PLANTS FOR SAHUMERIOS: They are generally used dry. Use simple or combined.Sage, Rosemary, Laurel, Garlic Peels, Orange Peels.

PLANTS FOR TEA AND INFUSIONS:Chamomile, cockroach, Pacific Sea, white or purple basil and mint.


Both baths and home cleaning mixtures, you can add cinnamon, eucalyptus, cumin, nutmeg. Not all at once.

Learning to heal ourselves naturally is the wonder of connecting with mother earth and remembering the teachings of our ancestors.

With love
Katherine Simonette.

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