Spring Bee!

The bee is a flying insect zoologically classified as anthophilia comes from the Greek anthos ¨flower¨ and philos ¨to like¨ which means lovers of flowers.

The bee is characterized by living in communities, being industrious, enterprising, loyal, friendly, companion, volunteer, creative, fertile, as well as social habits such as good communication and teamwork. They evolve together, with the flowers reaching a balance of mutual dependence.

The flowers bloom at the right times to provide the bees with food (hydrocarbons) and honey and their proteins and fats (from pollens).

Honey is a viscous and sweet liquid that is derived from flowers, the bees take it, then store it in their stomach and combine it with an enzyme to convert it into honey, in the end it is stored in the panels.

This small animal works hard in the spring to produce honey, and they reach their peak of work in summer, in autumn they continue to work, but with less intensity since the flowers are already disappearing due to the weather, all this to store their sustenance in winter.

Its internal dynamics is incredible union of forces, within their communities are the worker bees that oversee looking for honey from flowers and pollens, there are those that take care of the young larvae, and of course there is the queen who is responsible for laying eggs and reproducing the hive. It lays about 1,500 eggs a day.

A special way of communicating with each other is dancing, and yes, they dance to show others where the pollen-rich flowers are.

Bees build and live in one of the most mathematically efficient designs in natural architecture: the hive. within it the panels are built with perfect hexagons of sacred geometry.

Connecting with the spirit of the bee is connecting with a group spirit of a new frequency or telepathic network of consciousness, in turn we are connecting with the flowers and plants, we are connecting with the energy of mother earth.

How to help the bees?

Plant flowering plants in your gardens that are native, and this naturally helps the ecosystem.

Do not use pesticides or insecticides. If you must use, do it at night when bees won't be visiting your garden.

Bees love native orchids they love to create nests in soft wood logs and branches.

I hope you liked knowing about the wonderful energy of bees and how important it is to connect and take care of them.

With love

Katherine Simonette.

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