Take care of you

Self-care is essential to keep your life in order, strengthen your self-esteem and give balance to your body, mind and spirit.

It is extremely important to understand that human beings need to take care of their bodies, but also of their thoughts and look for moments of connection with their spirit that will allow them to move forward in life.

There are different tools or activities that can help you maintain a healthy life in the following aspects:


  • Consciously observe your thoughts and put aside those that produce negative emotions
  • Listen to your favorite music that makes you feel happy
  • Talk to your friends about positive things
  • Help and share with others
  • Write your projects, dreams and goals to be fulfilled and give them dates
  • Read or listen to self-help books
  • Paint something you can think of
  • Be honest and consistent with your actions and words
  • Study something new
  • Schedule your interaction on social media
  • Visit new places, explore


  • Exercise at least 20 min three times a week
  • Walk
  • Activities or hobbies
  • To eat healthy
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day
  • Take a shower or hot tub with natural essences
  • Check your hormone levels with your doctor
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • Make your facial routine
  • Sex

Connect with your spirit and personal power:

  • To meditate
  • Pray
  • Chant mantras
  • Connect with nature
  • To thank
  • Treat you with love and compassion
  • Forgive your mistakes and the mistakes of others
  • Mirror work (saying positive and loving words to yourself in front of the mirror)

As you treat yourself, so others will treat you.

It could be said that, if you fulfill at least 2 of the activities of each of the aspects of self-care, you could improve your life, get to know yourself better, and have the power and energy necessary to face all the challenges that are part of this life.

Remember the Universe is holding you 100% but more importantly connect with your light.

Inside Your Light.

Katherine Simonette

About me

Hi, I'm Katherine! This is my clear life mission and it is what I want to remind you of here at Inside Your Light. I want to accompany you and be your guide in those processes in which you need to look at and discover the light that you carry within you.