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The pendulum is an ancient and powerful tool that will help you cleanse and connect with your light and vital energy. With it, you can discover which parts of your body (chakras) or space are blocked, so they can be cleansed and harmonized.

In a 45 – 60-minute video call session, we will use the dowsing technique to work on your connection with your higher self, your conscious self, and your subconscious self. You will be able to ask questions and you will receive answers through graphs that will help you create awareness of deep situations arising from this or past lives, and thus transform your energy and heal.

How to know if you have blockages or if you require pendulum therapy:

  • You feel low on energy.
  • Your interpersonal relationships don’t work.
  • You feel depressed.
  • There is chaos or conflict
  • You have problems at work.
  • Nothing flows.
  • You have insomnia and anxiety.
  • You have a calling or yearning to change something in yourself.
  • You have physical problems, headaches, fatigue.
  • You have sexual problems.
  • You feel your home is charged with negative energy.
  • You have obsessive ideas about something or someone.
  • You want to make a decision and you need guidance.

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Hi, I'm Katherine! This is my clear life mission and it is what I want to remind you of here at Inside Your Light. I want to accompany you and be your guide in those processes in which you need to look at and discover the light that you carry within you.